So many women who are going through perimenopause and menopause are distraught about the changes happening to their bodies and minds. Lack of energy and mental clarity, sleep problems, mood swings, weight gain and muscle/joint pain are just a few of the many symptoms.

Sadly, we’re often resigned to believing that “this is it” and it’s just part of ageing. 

I want to change that narrative.

There’s plenty that women can do to ensure we live a happy and healthy life throughout our perimenopausal & menopausal years. I’m keen to spread the word about how we can fortify the four pillars of menopausal health and wellness – Gut Health, Quality Sleep, Physical Activity and Stress Management – through intermittent fasting and other simple lifestyle choices. 


As a former health journalist with over 20 years’ experience working for leading multinational pharmaceutical and medtech companies and life sciences organisations, I’m well-placed to write about women’s health topics – and particularly perimenopause/menopause. 

This background, combined with my wellness coaching and my personal journey, has given me the expertise to write with authority and compassion about menopause/women’s health/intermittent fasting. 

I’m proficient at writing for all audiences and my work has been featured in Thrive Global, GloWell Magazine, Touch Magazine, MedNous, Scrip and This Is MedTech, among other publications.

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Thanks to some celebrities, the menopause is now starting to be discussed in the media, but we still have a long way to go and a lot of people to reach. So many women still feel alone and unsupported.

In the UK, there are increasing grassroots efforts to make it mandatory for companies to have a menopause policy in place. If your company or organisation wants to get ahead of the curve on menopause wellness, why not book a workshop with me to support your valuable female staff?

Workshops are a great way to empower women on what they can do to feel their very best, and to educate colleagues on how to offer real support. 

After all, women make up half the population and provide a massive positive contribution to the economy and the workforce!

Podcasts are also a fantastic way to reach a wide audience. I’ve been a guest speaker on The Fasting Highway podcast and The Fit Femmes Movement podcast, and I’ve got other speaking events in the pipeline.

If you’d like to book me to speak about intermittent fasting and/or menopause wellness on your podcast or at your organisation, drop me a message at

The more we talk openly about menopause wellness at home, with friends and in the workplace, the more society as a whole will benefit!