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Start getting back to your ideal size with these simple lifestyle tweaks that have a huge impact on the hormonal imbalances affecting your ability to lose weight.

Weight gain is the top complaint that I hear from women who are going through the menopause, but it doesn’t have to be an inevitable part of your midlife journey. 

This FREE checklist will help you achieve your ideal weight and maintain it.


Easy to implement


Holistic approach


Supports sustainable weight loss goals

You may be surprised by some of the suggestions!

You’ll want to download this free checklist if you…

  • Have spare belly fat that seems to have appeared overnight
  • Are unable to shift the extra weight no matter what you try
  • Have continuous weight gain despite eating less and exercising more
  • Are constantly craving cakes, biscuits and other sugary snacks
  • Feel hungry all the time, even if you’ve just eaten
  • Have persistent bloating & digestion problems

Hi, Karen here.

I help perimenopausal and menopausal women achieve their weight loss and wellness goals so they can get their sparkle back.

I’m passionate about lifting up women who are resigned to thinking that their best days are over.

I’ve been there myself, so I totally get it. Sometimes it’s hard to get yourself out of that negative mindset. The one that believes being in midlife means accepting a body that doesn’t feel like your own. 

As someone who has travelled this road, let me share these small changes that have transformed my life – I’m sure they can transform yours, too!